3333 Facesman will arrive in the SOLANA Ecosystem.

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Q. Who is The Facesman ?

We are residents who will arrive in SOLANA Blockchain

Q. How much supply of the collection ?

3333 Facesman will be born ASAP

Q. How about the mint price ?

Price will be announced later in Discord server

Q. What about our future plans ?

You can see our plans in Roadmap on our website or Discord

Q. How do I get the Whitelist ?

You can invite your DAO to collab with us and make sure to always hang out on our Discord, because there will be a lots of Games, Events, and Giveaways. There will be chance to get Whitelist

Q. Where can I find the Faceman NFT's ?

You can either mint at the release or buy form MagicEden and Opensea when we already lauch


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Color Switcher

These are just demo colors. You can easily create your own color scheme.